Published On: 28. 11. 2022

Tanks for LTO – an ideal replacement for gas

Are you looking for a backup power source in the current unstable times? We have a solution for you!
We supply steel tanks for diversification, provision of an alternative or expansion of fuel economy (addition to modified gas boilers, but also as a replacement for other fuels, e.g. packaging plants, production plants, food companies, etc.) – tanks for diesel, light heating oil and other liquid alternatives fuel.
Different types of heating oils are suitable in terms of price. Tanks for light heating oils – LTO, usually free-standing vertical or horizontal, double-skinned or with a collection tank, can be conveniently added to gas systems /after the burners have been modified.
Above-ground double-shell tanks and underground tanks with a volume of 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 m3 are used for safe and ecological storage of fuels and oils. Of course, for large storage, we offer tanks with a volume of up to 250 m3.
We offer the supply of backup capacity for storing different types of fuel!
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