BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s., introduces itself as the manufacturer and supplier of particular concrete mixing plant components and complete units.

BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s., provides:

  • design, engineering and consulting services
  • project and production documentation
  • supplies of the technological equipment of its own manufacture
  • delivery, assembly/erection of the equipment and putting it into operation.

BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s., supplies:

Bitumen Handling System

  • tanks
  • technological piping distribution system
  • boiler house – LFO/NG fired
  • heat transfer medium distribution systems

Filler Handling System

  • silos, filler towers, safety devices and equipment inclusive
  • worm conveyors

Silos for finished mixture

  • 30 – 400t capacity, including the skip track and truck


Cold Batching Systems:

  • batching hoppers of 6-15m3 capacity
  • feeder belts
  • transport paths

Drum Driers

  • manufacture
  • repairs and reconstructions
  • spare part supplies.

Metering of granulated Arbocel mixtures

  • single-chamber; two-chamber