BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s. Benešov, a.s., produces and supplies pressure vessels for all types of process media and for operating pressures and temperatures required by the customer. In addition to the products listed in the catalogue of air chambers the company produces the wide range of atypical/customised vessels of various capacities, operating pressures and temperatures of process fluids, including multi-chamber vessels.

The available pressure vessels:

  • capacities up to 250m3
  • diameters up to 4 500mm
  • weights up to 30 tons
  • both horizontal and vertical execution
  • single or double-shell
  • static or mobile

Each pressure vessel supply includes relevant structural analysis, design documentation and TÜV approval certificate and the completed acceptance by the TÜV. Each product is accompanied with the appropriate pressure vessel passport.

Pressure vessel use:
They are intended for all kinds of media in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. They are produced of carbon steel or stainless steels and optionally galvanized or ruberized.