Industrial autoclaves are either horizontal or vertical cylindrical pressure vessels sealed at one or both ends with a lid equipped with quick-release and used for reactions taking place at high pressures and temperatures.


  • Volume: 1-250m3
  • Diameter: up to 4 500mm
  • Material: both carbon and stainless steel
  • Weight: up to 30tons
  • Pressure: according to customer´s requirements
  • Single or double-shell
  • Vertical or horizontal

Autoclaves are produced according to the production drawing documentation processed in our own design department but also according to documentation provided by the customer. Along with the drawings we are able to supply static calculation. All products must have the drawing documentation approved by TÜV and their acceptance must also be carried out by TÜV. Afterwards shall be issued a pressure vessel passport for each product.

Use of autoclaves:
Chemical and food industries, laboratories, biochemical industry, production of building materials etc.