Modern technological equipment, long-standing tradition, experience and know-how allows BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s., to produce the tanks of various types that find application and meet the requirements of many industries and economical sectors.

BAEST, Machines & Structures, a.s., provides:

  • engineering services
  • project and production documentation
  • structural analysis
  • manufacture and supply of tanks
  • transport/delivery
  • assembly/erection and putting the equipment into operation

Technical execution:

– vertical – cylindrical – single-shell – pressure vessels

– horizontal – squared – double-shell – atmospheric

Employed materials:

  • plain structural steel
  • stainless steel
  • combined construction

 Capacity range:

  • Capacity from 0,5m3 to 250m3
  • Diameter from 1,0 to 4,5m
  • Dimensions – maximum length: 30m
  • Weight –30t maximum

Surface finish:

  • Coating system
  • Rubber lining
  • Galvanizing

Fields of Application:

Chemical and petrochemical industries, petrol filling stations, bitumen handling systems, oil and oil product handling systems, technical gases, industrial waste water treatment plants, tanks for tank wagons, silos for industrial and agricultural applications, sand filters, pressure vessels and so on.